It is hard to believe 2022 is finished. What a year it has been! I finished out the year with two final teams. I was with a team to Guatemala leading up to Thanksgiving and a medical team to Panama between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a great way to finish off the year.

While in Guatemala we were able to work at multiple nutrition centers. While in a Mayan village the team helped wash feed and provide lice treatments to the kids. At a village on the coast, the kids and team were treated to releasing sea turtles into the ocean. They loved it! The team prepared a large Thanksgiving meal and we were able to eat with the children from our children’s homes in Guatemala City and Antigua. We even had a rousing game of basketball with the kids. However, I managed to roll my ankle and I’ve been a bit hobbled since. It is a lot of fun driving a stick shift with a bad ankle. LOL. The team finished up with a large community outreach. Over 400 people showed up at the church!

The team to Panama has been several years in the making. We were supposed to leave in April 2020 and had to cancel. But, the wait was worth it! Over the course of the week the team managed to provide over 900 medical services to people in Panama! It was a crazy trip with ups and downs. But, the Lord provided amazing favor along the way. The government did not approve our clinic, then miraculously approved it a couple of days before we headed to Panama. During the second day of clinics it appeared we were not going to be able to continue with the third and four days. But, another miracle. The mayor and the national television showed up to interview us and give a report on the clinic. Suddenly, we had approval to continue providing clinics for the remainder of the trip! God is never late, but He does like to make us sweat sometimes!

Kayli finished her first semester at college and it has been nice to have her home for a few weeks. Apparently our mission work has rubbed off on her. She joined a a global medical missions organization on campus and they already worked on some shipping containers converting them to mobile medical clinics and shipping them around the world. Additionally, she found a great church at college and immediately signed up to go on a mission trip with them over the Christmas break. So, instead of having her home for a month, we get her for two weeks, but we couldn’t be prouder of her. Be praying for Kayli as she departs for an undisclosed country in Northern Africa. And, we found out last night that the Lord has supernatural provided all of the finances needed for her trip! The Lord keeps coming through just in time.

Thank you for your support for our family. Kim and I head to Cambodia to lead a medical team in January. I look forward to updating you on that trip! Here are some pictures from Guatemala and Panama.

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