It is hard to summarize the medical team we had in Cambodia in short fashion, so I will hit the highlights. It was an amazing time in Cambodia with a great team. They saw nearly 1,000 patients and around 100 salvations, conservatively! It was truly incredible. We were in a small town in the middle of Cambodia. There is one paved road through town and we got to enjoy the trucks rolling through all night long.

Kim was quite popular providing physical therapy services to a lot of people. She loved it, and they loved it too. You could tell how impactful just the physical touch was to some of them. Kim helped many stroke patients and was able to get one many to walk normal again and showed him how to use a cane. You cannot imagine how excited his family was to see him walking and not shuffling out to the cart they were waiting in!

We had some pretty crazy patients. One young man was missing part of his skull due to an accident. It was put in his abdomen to keep alive. They helped send him to a special hospital in Phnom Penh to have surgery to have it replace. One had a hip that had been dislocated for 8 months after he fell off a tractor. Another, had a leg with third degree burns. A gun shot victim, cancer diagnosis, and on and on. It is heart breaking some of the cases, but to see the life change with others brings a lot of joy. These people are tough in Cambodia! They live with almost anything.

We saw the team off successfully and headed to Bangkok to see some missionary friends until my next team arrived. I guess the week had not been exciting enough for us. I found a way to get food poisoning. Ended up at the hospital. Fell down the stairs on the way to hospital. You can’t make this stuff up. I’m on the mend. They got the vomiting stopped and I’m back to eating solid food again. It is a good weight loss program. Ha!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Kim has headed home and it is off to the next group in Thailand! Here are some pictures for you. I left out the graphic patients.

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