Tsunami Central

After the medical team went home, and I got out of the hospital, I had the privilege of working with a team in Thailand and Cambodia. We worked in Baan Nam Khem where the tsunami hit. From the ruins of the waves came an incredible project teaching and feeding children, and a church reaching the community. Part of the team put together a teaching program. Each day they taught Bible lessons, put on skits, helped with crafts, played games, and loved on these kids. The grand finale was a massive water balloon fight with the kids. Nobody went home dry. LOL.

The rest of the team did construction work. We poured concrete, hauled gravel, stones and trash. And, we got to engage and play with the kids each day. As a treat, we had a special dinner with the staff at the project one night. I love this place and cannot wait to come back. During part of the trip we packed over 200 meals and distributed them to people in the community in need. 

After we finished there, we had an epic trek to Cambodia. It took a couple of days, and the people on this team were troopers. They had 10 flights from beginning to end, but never complained. We made it to Cambodia and put on a similar program with a church in Siem Reap where we have had a MANNA nutrition center for years. It was so awesome to get to spend time with the pastor, his wife, the kids and church members. They are really reaching people in Cambodia. We got to meet a young man name Wandy. He grew up as a child in the nutrition center, he is now pastoring a church plant from this church. I love seeing lives changed over the years! Thank you for your prayers and support. I will be traveling stateside speaking in churches until the end of May, then we will be leading teams all over the Middle East and Asia. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Cambodia Medical Team

It is hard to summarize the medical team we had in Cambodia in short fashion, so I will hit the highlights. It was an amazing time in Cambodia with a great team. They saw nearly 1,000 patients and around 100 salvations, conservatively! It was truly incredible. We were in a small town in the middle of Cambodia. There is one paved road through town and we got to enjoy the trucks rolling through all night long.

Kim was quite popular providing physical therapy services to a lot of people. She loved it, and they loved it too. You could tell how impactful just the physical touch was to some of them. Kim helped many stroke patients and was able to get one many to walk normal again and showed him how to use a cane. You cannot imagine how excited his family was to see him walking and not shuffling out to the cart they were waiting in!

We had some pretty crazy patients. One young man was missing part of his skull due to an accident. It was put in his abdomen to keep alive. They helped send him to a special hospital in Phnom Penh to have surgery to have it replace. One had a hip that had been dislocated for 8 months after he fell off a tractor. Another, had a leg with third degree burns. A gun shot victim, cancer diagnosis, and on and on. It is heart breaking some of the cases, but to see the life change with others brings a lot of joy. These people are tough in Cambodia! They live with almost anything.

We saw the team off successfully and headed to Bangkok to see some missionary friends until my next team arrived. I guess the week had not been exciting enough for us. I found a way to get food poisoning. Ended up at the hospital. Fell down the stairs on the way to hospital. You can’t make this stuff up. I’m on the mend. They got the vomiting stopped and I’m back to eating solid food again. It is a good weight loss program. Ha!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Kim has headed home and it is off to the next group in Thailand! Here are some pictures for you. I left out the graphic patients.

Final Update 2022 – Guatemala & Panama

It is hard to believe 2022 is finished. What a year it has been! I finished out the year with two final teams. I was with a team to Guatemala leading up to Thanksgiving and a medical team to Panama between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a great way to finish off the year.

While in Guatemala we were able to work at multiple nutrition centers. While in a Mayan village the team helped wash feed and provide lice treatments to the kids. At a village on the coast, the kids and team were treated to releasing sea turtles into the ocean. They loved it! The team prepared a large Thanksgiving meal and we were able to eat with the children from our children’s homes in Guatemala City and Antigua. We even had a rousing game of basketball with the kids. However, I managed to roll my ankle and I’ve been a bit hobbled since. It is a lot of fun driving a stick shift with a bad ankle. LOL. The team finished up with a large community outreach. Over 400 people showed up at the church!

The team to Panama has been several years in the making. We were supposed to leave in April 2020 and had to cancel. But, the wait was worth it! Over the course of the week the team managed to provide over 900 medical services to people in Panama! It was a crazy trip with ups and downs. But, the Lord provided amazing favor along the way. The government did not approve our clinic, then miraculously approved it a couple of days before we headed to Panama. During the second day of clinics it appeared we were not going to be able to continue with the third and four days. But, another miracle. The mayor and the national television showed up to interview us and give a report on the clinic. Suddenly, we had approval to continue providing clinics for the remainder of the trip! God is never late, but He does like to make us sweat sometimes!

Kayli finished her first semester at college and it has been nice to have her home for a few weeks. Apparently our mission work has rubbed off on her. She joined a a global medical missions organization on campus and they already worked on some shipping containers converting them to mobile medical clinics and shipping them around the world. Additionally, she found a great church at college and immediately signed up to go on a mission trip with them over the Christmas break. So, instead of having her home for a month, we get her for two weeks, but we couldn’t be prouder of her. Be praying for Kayli as she departs for an undisclosed country in Northern Africa. And, we found out last night that the Lord has supernatural provided all of the finances needed for her trip! The Lord keeps coming through just in time.

Thank you for your support for our family. Kim and I head to Cambodia to lead a medical team in January. I look forward to updating you on that trip! Here are some pictures from Guatemala and Panama.


The past month has been a whirlwind. I had an incredible team to Cambodia and was able to have one of the newest members of the MANNA team, Chad Morton, join me on the trip. We picked up the team in Phnom Penh and showed them the killing fields where Pol Pot killed 25% of the Cambodian population in the 70’s. From there, we visited an orphanage to see the kids MANNA helps support, then travelled to Kampong Thom to setup for the week. We may or may too have eaten fried tarantulas along the way. You will be happy to know they tasted good.

What a week it was! We helped with a medical clinic, taught in a school, worked on English with teenagers, and had a graduation ceremony for the academy. And, that was just in the mornings. Each afternoon part of the team worked on painting a church while the remainder taught a Vacation Bible School, did crafts and loved on the kids. A lot of soccer may have been played. This project is so amazing. Over 15 years ago a 14 year old boy accepted Christ as his Savior in this feeding center. He grew up and was discipled. Then, years later he worked with the missionary during the week and went to school on the weekends. All the while he was begin trained. Today…he has a family and is pastoring 2 churches in Cambodia, including the one where he first learned about Christ!! I love seeing what happens when you invest in people for many years.

We finished the trip by visiting a feeding center in another village, then taking the team to visit Angkor Wat. Once we sent the team home, Chad and I worked with some missionary friends in Bangkok for several days before heading home ourselves. I had 2 whole days at home before I had to head to Guatemala. In fact, I am writing this update sitting in a home overlooking MANNA’s orphanage in Guatemala City waiting or the team to arrive. Thank you for your prayers and support. Here are some pictures from Cambodia and I look forward to seeing what the Lord does in Guatemala.


I had the privilege of leading a great group to Thailand in August. It is so nice to be able to lead teams again around the world. People often ask me what we do on trips, and the answer is, it depends. We do a lot of different things. This team provided the unique opportunity to provide an English camp for the missionaries we work with in Bangkok. Furthermore, the Thai people love to talk with Americans because our accent is drastically different from the Australian and British accents most English speakers in southeast Asia possess. 

After the English camp was complete, we headed back to Bangkok and were able to attend several church services on Sunday. The team split and went to two different church plants in Bangkok on Sunday morning, and in the evening we came back together and attended a Pakistani service. It is so beautiful to see the different cultures coming together and singing. Our English team also enabled us to get into a Thai school and teach English to their students. It was neat to see the doors it opened for the missionaries to work with the school. The Principal was eager to work with us and we were grateful for the opportunity. 

We had another opportunity to go and deliver food to a community that is built around a city dump in Bangkok. We packaged over 400 meals and handed them out to the residents of the community. Sometimes you wonder how great of an impact you are having. To put it in perspective, the residents pay a rent that is equal to $9 per month to live around the dump. So, to receive a good meal is a large percentage of their monthly budget. We finished up by getting a lot of exercise and playing with the soccer team we help support in Bangkok. I am now gearing up for a team to Cambodia in October. Thank you for your prayers and continued support. I hope you enjoy the photos below.

2 Continents and a War

I want to apologize in advance. I meant to send an update part way through our trip. But, after traveling in and through 9 countries, 2 continents and working with 7 different missionaries, it just didn’t happen. So, here is what the past 6 weeks have looked like for our family. Kayli graduated from high school the end of May and we headed overseas.

Flights to Romania were extremely expensive, so we looked for options to fly to Europe for cheap, then catch another cheap flight to Bucharest. We have missionary friends in the Czech Republic and they were in need of supplies. We were able to bring those supplies, see their ministry, pray over their church, spend time with their family and save a ton on airfare in the process. It is a hard place to plant churches, but they are doing a great job and it was great to see them.

We then travelled to Romania. We were able to work with Ukrainian refugees and Romanian youth at several church services and events. SAS Shoes donated shoes that we were able to take and hand out to the people living at Father’s House. We also spent time working at our feeding centers and children’s home in southern Romania.

While in Romania, we were able to help take supplies into Ukraine with a group of Romanian churches. Thanks to generous donors and great ministry partners, we were able to take 40 tons of supplies to help churches in Ukraine. We traveled in 8 box trucks and transport vans, on a ferry across the Danube River, and into Ukraine. We unloaded the supplies and got to spend the day with the church and their members. We also had the privilege of helping take a widow woman out of Ukraine to safety in Romania to be reunited with her son. There are not enough words to express all that happened in one day in Ukraine. Please continue to pray for them and their country.

A missionary in Italy has been talking to MANNA about starting an outreach near Rome, so we stopped in Rome on our way to Vietnam to meet with them. We were able to see their church, hear their story, see their vision for reaching people in Italy, and pray with each other. Italy is another very hard place to plant churches. It was an unexpected opportunity to potentially work with a missionary in a new area. Not only was Rome beautiful, but it was amazing to see where Paul was and experience church in a city where so much Biblical history occurred.

From there, we headed to Vietnam. We love Vietnam and the missionaries we work with there. Our time there started in Hanoi. We worked with the young adults and invested in them through teaching and one-on-one discussions. The Lord is moving in a great way in these young believers and they had a real hunger to learn and engage with us. Afterward we traveled to Saigon and worked at several of our projects, a feeding center, and a school we are partnered with. I was able to speak at church, we helped with a VBS, and were part of baptisms of new believers. Working with the kids, pastors, missionaries, and leaders was a highlight of our trip.

We finally made it home on Monday night, July 4, washed our clothes and repacked on Tuesday, and drove to West Texas on Wednesday. Not the best of timing, but it is what is needful. Be praying. We made it home this week and are working through the jet lag as I am getting ready to head back to Thailand in less than 2 weeks to lead another team. Other than that, it’s been an uneventful couple of months. LOL

Back in Thailand!

I cannot describe the feeling of being back in Thailand. It was so good to see friends and serve there again. We started off in MaeSot with our school and children’s home. It was great to see the kids, go to church with them, play volleyball, and just spend time with them. We took food supplies to distribute to people in town and participated in a Bible study in a home.

Allie and Kevin both grew up in our project, graduated, became teachers at the same school, got married, and now have a son! I got to see their son for the first time on this trip. It is wonderful to see the life change that happens over the years. It has resulted because a church and individuals have continued to invest for nearly 2 decades now.

On the back end of the trip we got to see good friends in Bangkok and serve alongside of them. We helped pack 400 meals and distribute them in a community that is at a city dump. You realize how blessed we are and how easy it is to serve. We also had the privilege of visiting a new church plant, BenTai Baptist Church, with Shane and Kayti Salmon, along with the church and deaf ministry of Ricky and Tammy Salmon. It was over too soon, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to be in Thailand again.


I made it back from Romania, headed straight to Boston, and now I head to Thailand this week. We had an amazing trip to Romania. The Lord is doing so much there. We have a facility that has been listed by the Romanian government as an official refugee site for Ukrainians. It is now housing refugees from the war, and we were able to visit them, hear their stories, pray with them, and help them. It is so sad to see what is happening in their country and I cannot imagine how I would feel if that were happening here. But, during the darkest times, the light shines the brightest and many of the refugees are being introduced to the Gospel as a result of staying at our house in Romania. We were able to take school supplies that were donated by one of our churches and purchase supplies for the families there.

We then traveled to the northern part of Romania and worked in a Gypsy village. We have worked in these villages for 15 years, or more and seen several churches planted. We helped work with the kids, delivered clothing and food to 42 families in one village thanks to a generous donor, and visited a building we now own and are working to turn into a medical clinic. I often say, I’d rather have the Lord’s favor than almost anything. And His favor, He supplied! We were able to meet with a former member of parliament, the mayor of the town, and several other influential people. These connections have opened every door both in the community and in the government. It is simply amazing what the Lord is doing there!

Please continue to pray for the refugees and the work in Romania. I cannot wait to see all that the Lord does. Here are some pictures from our trip. Enjoy.

Africa and South America, an unlikely combination

The past two months have been fast and furious. I had the opportunity to help teams in Kenya and Colombia. I know, not exactly next to each other. We’ve also been in several Missions Conferences around the country. Here is a quick update on what the Lord did on these trips.

In Kenya we worked with over 1,500 kids between 4 different schools. MANNA has 3 primary schools and a secondary school (high school). It has been awesome to see how the Lord has been working in these schools. We were at one primary school and the principal told us a story about the first graders coming to school one day and asking the cooks to not prepare them any food for lunch. They were all fasting and praying for their parents that day! The kids decided this on their own. Most of the parents are Muslim and they have been praying for them to know Christ as their Savior. Amazing!

We also had the opportunity to meet some kids who grew up in our schools and are now in college. Churches have raised money to help these kids go to college and be used in great ways in their country. These stories only happen because of a long-term commitment to these kids. Not only did we work with these kids each day, but we also got our hands dirty (pun totally intended) building a mud structure in one of the villages.

After Kenya I was in Kansas City at a Missions Conference and went from there to Bogota, Colombia. Literally. I flew from Kansas City to DFW, Kim met me at the airport with a fresh change of clothes. I swapped out my luggage and ran back in the airport and got on the flight to Bogota. We had the opportunity to work with kids at our new tutoring center. There really isn’t any program for kids who fall behind in school, so this program is helping tutor kids. It helps some kids get ahead and create opportunities, while helping others who are behind to catch up. We have one child who is 10 years old and only in 1st grade. It is so sad to see, but I’m grateful for programs like this and churches that love kids and want to invest in their lives.

Colombia to COVID

It has been an interesting couple of months for our family. We were in Colombia in June and July helping get a new project started in Bogota. It was an amazing trip. We were working with the Hudgins family and Ali Alexander. We got to canvas the neighborhood handing out invitations. We put on what we called Discovery Week, which was a big Vacation Bible School for kids in the area. The kids learned the Bible each day, and we also had special activities for them. They learned Origami, some English, and had puppet shows. We were able to send the kids home with food as well.

These kids were then invited to attend the tutoring project MANNA is starting in Bogota. It is exciting to see the kids coming to the project. But, what is even more exciting is some of these kids and their parents have begun coming to church as a result!

We were able to celebrate the 4th of July in Colombia as well. July 20th is their independence day, so there were plenty of opportunities to buy fireworks. I had not realized how much time my daughters have spent overseas in the summers. They were so excited and told me it was the first time they had ever gotten to light fireworks on the 4th! I guess better late than never. Another treat that day was we were able to have an all American praise team at church that morning. Ali played the keyboard, Kristi played the guitar, I played the bass, Kayli played they violin and Kim and Reaghan sang while Scott ran the soundboard. It was an opportunity for the normal praise team to have a day off and just get to worship at church. It also helped stretch us as Kim and Reaghan don’t spend a ton of time singing in Spanish. LOL. But, they did great.

We made it home and got our girls ready to start another school year. It is hard to believe we have a Junior and a Senior this year. Where has the time gone?? Then, apparently Kim and I decided it had been too long since we had COVID the first time, so we got it again and both got pneumonia. It has been a long 3 weeks for us. We both ended up on oxygen, lots of breathing treatments and medicine. Had it not been for someone getting us an oxygen concentrator machine, we would have both ended up in the hospital. We had great doctors and a lot of great friends that brought us food and sent us supplies that has enabled us to recover at home. We are not back to 100%, but definitely on the mend. I had better recovery quickly because I head to Kenya, two weeks from today.

We appreciate your prayers and support and how you enable us to serve those around the world. Here are some pictures of Colombia for you.