MANNA Worldwide is able to operate with minimal overhead because we raise our own support to pay for our expenses as missionaries.  MANNA is committed to maintaining less than 10% overhead as an organization.  As a result, when people partner with us on a project, they know their donations are being used wisely and efficiently.  The way we are able to do that is because people like you support our family as missionaries directly.  Without our support, we could not do what we do and MANNA could not be making the impact that it is making.  So, thank you for your support of our family as missionaries.

To make it easier for people, we have created this page to allow people to give donations that will be allocated to our family to support what we do personally.  There are two options on the donation page. You can make a one-time donation, or you may choose to support us on a monthly basis and select a recurring donation.

Go to:

This link will allow you to donate directly to our family’s work.

You are a great blessing to us and it is an honor for us to serve people around the world on your behalf.


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