The past month has been a whirlwind. I had an incredible team to Cambodia and was able to have one of the newest members of the MANNA team, Chad Morton, join me on the trip. We picked up the team in Phnom Penh and showed them the killing fields where Pol Pot killed 25% of the Cambodian population in the 70’s. From there, we visited an orphanage to see the kids MANNA helps support, then travelled to Kampong Thom to setup for the week. We may or may too have eaten fried tarantulas along the way. You will be happy to know they tasted good.

What a week it was! We helped with a medical clinic, taught in a school, worked on English with teenagers, and had a graduation ceremony for the academy. And, that was just in the mornings. Each afternoon part of the team worked on painting a church while the remainder taught a Vacation Bible School, did crafts and loved on the kids. A lot of soccer may have been played. This project is so amazing. Over 15 years ago a 14 year old boy accepted Christ as his Savior in this feeding center. He grew up and was discipled. Then, years later he worked with the missionary during the week and went to school on the weekends. All the while he was begin trained. Today…he has a family and is pastoring 2 churches in Cambodia, including the one where he first learned about Christ!! I love seeing what happens when you invest in people for many years.

We finished the trip by visiting a feeding center in another village, then taking the team to visit Angkor Wat. Once we sent the team home, Chad and I worked with some missionary friends in Bangkok for several days before heading home ourselves. I had 2 whole days at home before I had to head to Guatemala. In fact, I am writing this update sitting in a home overlooking MANNA’s orphanage in Guatemala City waiting or the team to arrive. Thank you for your prayers and support. Here are some pictures from Cambodia and I look forward to seeing what the Lord does in Guatemala.

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