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We are missionaries with MANNA Worldwide. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then I would need an entire gallery to explain who we are, what we do, and how the Lord is working in our lives.  That is why we created this blog.  This will allow you follow our work and see what we do first hand.  Below is a brief overview of who we are and what we do.

We are missionaries helping missionaries plant churches and reach their people.  We help operate orphanages, nutrition centers, schools, and medical clinics.  We have over 180 projects in 40+ countries.  We partner with missionaries and national pastors and find out how we can raise support for these types of projects that they can in turn use to serve their people and reach more people in the community for the Lord.  We then work with churches in America to partner them with the projects and organize mission trips for people to visit and help with the projects and missionaries they are supporting.

Having been a Missions Director at my church, I understand how difficult it is for people to engage and understand the work of missions.  One of our desires is to help them connect with a project and then visit it in person so that missions becomes personal and not something on the other side of the world.  Everything we do is to help assist the work on the ground by the missionaries in the field.

Personally, my passion is to engage people and help them see how the Lord can use them around the world to affect people for eternity.  I have a degree in Civil Engineering and an MS in Land Development from Texas A&M.  I have worked for Fortune 500 companies, started my own company, performed consulting services, developed software, travelled, etc.  I grew up on a farm in the Texas Panhandle. After college I moved to Philadelphia, Denver, and now live in DFW.  What I have found is many people believe that since the Lord didn’t call them to be a pastor or missionary that He doesn’t have a real plan to use them in some extraordinary way.

I understand where businessmen and professionals come from because I was one of them.  I can see how the Lord has given them resources, talents, and platforms at their disposal to use to change the world.  I hope to help them use the resources and gifts that God gives them to make a difference in eternity around the world.   When I felt the Lord directing me to do the mission work full-time, I was ready to move overseas.  But, I felt the Lord tell me that was not how He wanted to use me.  He needed me to live here to help engage the resources here to the mission work overseas.

Kim is a Physical Therapy Assistant by training and has worked in hospitals and home health organizations. Her background has helped us be more effective in the field in serving others and their needs. She has been able to help an orphan boy in Thailand regain his range of motion because of a childhood illness, and serve people in other capacities that I am not able to do. In our Summer 2016 video, it has a clip of her helping a man walk again after having a stroke.  We definitely have some crazy stories over the years.  It is an honor to do what we do and I hope you will join us in the effort as we serve together.

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