I had the privilege of leading a great group to Thailand in August. It is so nice to be able to lead teams again around the world. People often ask me what we do on trips, and the answer is, it depends. We do a lot of different things. This team provided the unique opportunity to provide an English camp for the missionaries we work with in Bangkok. Furthermore, the Thai people love to talk with Americans because our accent is drastically different from the Australian and British accents most English speakers in southeast Asia possess. 

After the English camp was complete, we headed back to Bangkok and were able to attend several church services on Sunday. The team split and went to two different church plants in Bangkok on Sunday morning, and in the evening we came back together and attended a Pakistani service. It is so beautiful to see the different cultures coming together and singing. Our English team also enabled us to get into a Thai school and teach English to their students. It was neat to see the doors it opened for the missionaries to work with the school. The Principal was eager to work with us and we were grateful for the opportunity. 

We had another opportunity to go and deliver food to a community that is built around a city dump in Bangkok. We packaged over 400 meals and handed them out to the residents of the community. Sometimes you wonder how great of an impact you are having. To put it in perspective, the residents pay a rent that is equal to $9 per month to live around the dump. So, to receive a good meal is a large percentage of their monthly budget. We finished up by getting a lot of exercise and playing with the soccer team we help support in Bangkok. I am now gearing up for a team to Cambodia in October. Thank you for your prayers and continued support. I hope you enjoy the photos below.

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