We just finished up our team to Vietnam and it was a great experience for everyone.  We started off the trip with a great time of fellowship and worship at church with both Vietnamese and other believers from other countries.  2 people were saved that morning!  What a way to start a trip. Later in the trip we got to work with a new school MANNA has begun helping this year and a feeding program in Saigon.  The school is called Saigon Redemption School and they are working to help tutor kids that have fallen out of the school system and help them learn to read and write.

We then helped the missionary organize a new building he is moving into with another school.  We helped move boxes of supplies, clean, and move around furniture to help them setup.  To end the trip, we spent time as part of a youth camp for Vietnamese kids.  It started off a bit crazy as the police showed up and wanted to know what was going on and why we were gathering.  A group of us got away and prayed for those who were working for the police.  Fortunately, the Lord gave us favor and we were able to host the camp unhindered.  By the end of the camp 15 youth accepted Christ as their Savior and 10 of them surrrendered to go into the ministry full-time to help their nation!  It was amazing sight to witness and a tremendous blessing.  Here are some pictures of the trip:

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