We just finished up another great team in Thailand.  This time we were working at a children’s home and school on the western border of Thailand, by Myanmar.  It is hard to communicate all that happened, but here is an overview.  We spent 4 days helping teach the kids in the mornings. We taught them about magnetism, chemical reactions, made some parachutes, and a lot of other fun things.  One night we had a ladies night where Kim gave the devotion to the mothers and girls while the men went and played soccer with the guys.  Another night we had a youth night and got to minister to them.  The last day was a large field day with games and events.  Kayli and Reaghan helped with the music each day.  One of the days we were able to go into Myanmar (Burma) and visit a new church plant and after school program that the national pastor here has started.  I had the opportunity to preach at church on Sunday and we spent time fellowshipping with the church members.  Now, off to Vietnam for the next team.  Here are a few pictures of the team in action!


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