Kim and I have returned from Thailand after spending 2 weeks with a team of 38 people.  It was an amazing time and a great group of people.  The first part of the trip was spent in Bangkok helping our missionary partners there.  We handed out several thousand tracts and invited people to their English class outreaches. There was even a Buddhist monk that asked for a tract! We visited a public school and were able to help teach English and share our faith with over 300 Thai kids.  Then, we helped fix up a futsol court, handed out water filters to 20 refugee families, attended several church services and got to see what the Lord is doing in Bangkok.

The second half of our trip was in southern Thailand where the tsunami hit.  We were able to do a variety of things.  One group held a Vacation Bible School for 2nd and 3rd graders, another group taught a baking class to some teenagers, others taught sewing skills to a different group of kids, while a group of us poured 60 cubic yards of concrete for parking and a foundation for a new youth room.  We also washed the kids’ feet and gave them all new shoes. (Around 200 kids) We attended a church service and several of us played the music for the morning worship.

It was hard to leave, but it is good to be home to see our daughters too.  Here are some pictures.

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