Last week I was able to be a part of a team in Houston to help rebuild some of the homes that were destroyed in the Hurricane Harvey flooding.  It can be overwhelming looking at all of the destruction and the number of homes to be rebuilt.  But, you have to focus on the ones you can help. Our team worked on about a half-dozen homes.  We helped sheetrock the home of an elderly couple and one for a widow that had no other resources to do so.  In another part of Houston, we helped clean out, install sheetrock, and performed electrical work on the homes of people that worked for the school district.  If we can help repair their homes, they can focus on educating the kids in Houston.

We had a couple with a semi that picked up a load of mattresses that had been donated and delivered them to a warehouse in Houston.  Also, we were able to distribute about 4,000 lbs of bottled water to a homeless shelter and others. It is awesome seeing so many people with different gifts and abilities coming together to play a part.  Hearing the stories is heartbreaking, but seeing the hope and the outreach from the church is encouraging.  Here are some pictures from the week:

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