I recently had a medical team in Guatemala.  It was amazing to see how the Lord used the team.  They saw 800 patients in 5 different villages and 5 souls were saved!  We took water filters and food baskets to a dozen families too.  I love to see how the Lord uses specific people on the trip. We had several pediatricians, one who specialized in neonatal care.  They weren’t sure how the Lord was going to use their specialty.  As it turns out, a mom with month old twins shows up at a clinic and another woman who was pregnant came too.  They had an ultrasound machine and she got to see an ultrasound of her baby for the first time!  This lady had miscarried her previous pregnancy and was worried it might happen again.  The doctor’s care and the ultrasound was excactly what she needed at that time.

You may not know exactly why you are going, just go.  It will become clear soon enough!  Thank you for your support. Here are some pictures from the trip:

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