Ulaan Baatar

The second half of our time in Mongolia was spent in Ulaan Baatar.  It is the capital of Mongolia.  We were able to visit one of our feeding centers and spend time at our orphanage.  The orphanage was the top rated orphanage for Mongolia several years ago. Typically they require a yearly license, but because of the quality of care we offer, they have given us a lifetime license to operate in Mongolia.  In fact, the government brings other groups that are starting orphanages over to visit and show them how to run a quality orphanage.  Please be in prayer for the orphanage.  We have funding for it for the next year, but we need a church or business that would be willing to partner with us to help support it going forward.

While we were at church on Sunday, we met a lady that had travelled 1,400 km through Mongolia, just to meet us at church.  That is humbling.  While spending time at our feeding center, we met Moogii.  She started coming to the center when she was 8.  Now she is 15 and helping to lead worship at a local church.  She and her siblings were basically abandoned by their mother and our center has helped sustain her through the years.  One of the children we rescued was found in a ditch with his umbilical chord still attached and barely alive.  Words cannot describe the overwhelming emotions that come with hearing testimony after testimony of children being rescued, ministered to, led to the Lord, discipled, and now serving.

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