We have had an amazing time thus far in Mongolia.  The first part of our time was in the Gobi Desert.  We visited one of our feeding centers and got to really engage the community.  It really is amazing where people can live.  We drove 10 hours, one way, from Ulaan Baatar to a village on the edge of the Gobi named Erdene Dalai.  There were stretches of an hour or more where we did not see a single person or animal.  For 1/2 of the trip we were on a paved road, then we ventured off onto a trail that wandered through the desert.  The youth in the village had us play them in volleyball one night, then the next day a Mongolian champion wrestler wanted to wrestle us.  Needless to say we lost.  But, he told us how grateful he was for what we are doing for the children in the community.  We met a girl named Boldmaa who began coming to our center as a small child.  She is now 19 years old, learning Korean so that she can teach in the schools in Mongolia.  She was saved at our feeding program and she is now leading a discipleship program in the city college.  It is an honor to see how the Lord is moving in lives and to be able to play a small part of it.

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