What an amazing couple of days we have had this week. On Monday we were able to work with MJ in El Arado.  We washed hair for lice and feet.  One one girl we found some problems with her feet.  Some worms had burrowed into her feet and laid eggs.  The local nurse and a nurse in our team were able to remove the worm and many of the eggs.  We were going to deliver food baskets for some home visits, but the rain prevented us from doing that.  Praise the Lord we were not able to. Because…

Today we worked at the feeding center in Sumpango with Pastor Jaime.  After we fed the kids the group performed a puppet show in Spanish.  Then, we were able to take food baskets to some of the families in the area.  Because of the rain the day before, we had an extra basket, so Pastor Jaime added 1 extra visit to our schedule.  What a visit it was.  The lady had lost her husband 5 years ago and was very bitter and felt the Lord did not love her.  We gave her the food and some ladies in the group were able to lead her to the Lord in Spanish!  Plus, another member of our team lead a 13 year old boy to the Lord.  So, because of the rain the day before, there are now two more names written down in Glory.  Amen.

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