We spent the second half of the week at La Gomera and San Lucas.  In La Gomera we were able to hand out shoes to the kids and I was able to see the cooktop in use that my home church purchased last year on their trip.  In San Lucas we helped with the construction of a new church, and the women attended a Ladies’ Bible Study.  Then, we helped feed the kids and did a Bible lesson with them. Afterwards we were able to do more home visits and take them food.  I was really amazing. One lady had just given birth to a new baby the day before.  We were able to pray for her and give her and her family food. Another lady had also recently given birth and her husband had just lost his job, so they didn’t know how they were going to eat until we showed up with food for them.  We are so humbled to be used by the Lord in these circumstances.

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