Many people have been asking about our strategy in Nepal and how to help. Below is more information on our plan to help and reach Nepal. If you know anyone that is looking for an organization to donate towards the relief effort, please let them know what we are doing and how they can help. Also, you will see the trip we are planning to Nepal below. We would love to have more people join us on that trip.

We are working with several missionaries on the ground to help serve and reach the people in these villages. Five villages have currently been identified that we can engage. We have a 4 phase plan.

Phase 1: Within 45 days, raise $25,000 for two villages (Saano Khokana and Thapaguan) to build tin roof shelters that will be more durable than tent cities. We’ve received a matching grant of $25,000, so the people who donate the first $25,000 will have their gift matched.
Phase 2: Raise $25,000 for two additional villages (Banepa and the larger Sindapulchowk).
Phase 3: Take a relief team to evaluate our efforts and strategically plan the fourth phase of long term engagement in orphanage reconstruction and nutrition center development. We need to raise $15,000 to help cover some of the cost of the relief team that is going to evaluate.
Phase 4: Continued long-term partnership, community development, and support.

We are working towards a long-term goal of reaching Nepal and planting churches there through the disaster relief effort. In this process, we have some short-term goals and long-term goals. Our overall goal is to fill the void in the smaller outlying villages. A lot of money and supplies from world governments will be sent to Kathmandu and the Nepalese government for the rebuilding effort there. As a result, we would have a limited impact on Kathmandu itself. However, many of the smaller villages will be forgotten about. This is where we feel we have the greatest opportunity to have an impact. We can engage a village fully, help them rebuild, and plant a church. Through this, we are praying many might hear the Gospel and a network of churches may be established that we can work with personally for years to come.

Here is an expanded version of the plan to give you more details if desired:

Phase 1: We are looking to raise $25,000 in the next 45 days to help supply temporary shelters and food for 2 villages. These villages are Saano Khokana and Thapaguan. What we like about the shelters is the are made of tin roofing and are quite durable. So, a family can live there much longer than they could in a tent while they rebuild their home. Secondly, our approach is to work with the villagers and allow them to help construct their own shelter. This is a much better model than us doing everything. They get to be a part of the process and this helps in a better long-term result.

Phase 2: We want to raise an additional $25,000 by the end of the summer to help expand the engagement to the other villages. Initially target the villages of Banepa and the larger Sindapulchowk. We will continue to research the affected villages and evaluate areas where we feel we can be most effective. Repair work will need to be done on the orphanage we are partnered with. However, we will not know for a while what the repair costs will be. Once we know those costs and have a plan for the construction work, we will adjust our goals accordingly.

Phase 3: A team will be travelling to Nepal in October to see the progress. We want to invite as many church leaders and individuals that are interested in seeing the work first hand and become a part of the long-term plan and vision for reaching the region. We will use this as a launching point to evaluate the success of the current model and plan out a rebuilding, church planting, and nutrition center strategy for the future. We need to raise $15,000 to help cover some of the cost of the relief team that is going to evaluate.

Phase 4: This is the long-term phase that will involve a continual evaluation of needs and opportunities going forward. We will take teams to help engage and rebuild the villages alongside the people. We anticipate planning the first trip in 2016 and will plan and lead as many as are necessary and resources are available for the foreseeable future. This is where the implementation of the nutrition centers and church planting will take full effect. We have other missionaries that have goals of starting orphanages in some villages and we want to evaluate the future opportunities available to do this.

Here is a link for people to donate directly to the immediate relief effort.

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