The 5 year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake happened earlier this year.  Many people and organizations rushed in to help. Today, most of them are gone.  But, we are still there, and more engaged than ever.  This year MANNA is building 2 new churches and nutrition centers and continuing to expand the outreach to the nation and villages.

What does that have to do with Nepal? Everything. The world is rushing to help, and I am grateful they are, but the recovery and rebuilding will be a 10 year process.  We will be there for the long haul.  We are methodically working to plan out strategies to reach villages and minister to people for the long term.  I’m looking forward to seeing the impact in Nepal in 5 years.

Update: We are keeping in close contact with our relationships on the ground in Nepal so that we can pray for them and work on resources to assist.  Here is a latest update.  They have developed some steel shelters that are affordable and the supplies are available in the country.  They are deploying them to the villages that are affected and using that as an opportunity for outreach.  Right now the Kathmandu airport has been closed to aid shipments.  The airport was not designed to handle the size and weight of the relief planes that have been coming.  As a result, there has been damage to the runway.  This will definitely hamper the relief effort.  The US has dispatched Ospreys that can vertically takeoff and land to shuttle in supplies.


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