Wow!  What amazing things can happen in 24 hours.  As you know, we flew down to Cambodia for a day because we were stranded in Bangkok and had an open door.  It was amazing.  We got to meet with a lot of kids and adults.  Cory shared with them what we do at MANNA and why we do it.  This allowed him to share the gospel with the group. Thank you FliteTest for allowing your planes to help impact the Kingdom.

Then Mara got up and shared with the group what it was like growing up as an orphan in our orphanage in Kampong Thom and what MANNA has meant to her.  Then Bimol shared with the group about her experience working at our projects and now going to nursing school with Kim and Mara.  It was hard to even keep my composure as they shared.  So cool to see what God is doing and how He is using them.  Then Lee took the plane to the air and the kids got to see it in action.  They really thought it was amazing. After Lee landed the plane, we took them and helped them make their own planes that they could glide.  The kids loved every minute of it and ran around playing with their planes.  It was so worth trip and investing time in the work there.  Here are some pictures of the day.

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