His ways are higher than ours.

I often tell groups that we pray through the planning of a trip, but once we get on that airplane, God takes over and sometimes the plans go out the window.  Such has been the case this week.  God has had much bigger plans than we have had.  Now that we cannot go to Nepal until Tuesday, the Lord opened the door for us to preach at a church tomorrow morning, then head straight for the airport and fly to Cambodia on Sunday afternoon.  Then we will spend 24 hours in Cambodia and use some remote control airplanes to do an outreach with a missionary there.  We will get back in Bangkok on Monday night, just in time to catch the first flight out to Nepal on Tuesday morning.  We have since been able to roll our flights back leaving Nepal to help make up for some of the time lost due to the plane crash.  So, a trip that was going to introduce FliteTest to Nepal has opened the door to make an impact in 3 countries instead of 1. I guess God has bigger plans than we do.  Praise the Lord for that.

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