I just got back from Nicaragua and got to see the work there for the first time.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers and support during our trip.  I have included some pictures in this email from the trip.  As with any trip, there is more to share than the space or time possible.  So, I want to give a testimony about how the Lord used obstacles in Nicaragua to further the ministry.

One of our projects is in a town with no electricity or other services.  People are spread out along the countryside.  Most of the kids have to walk 2 km, in some cases up to 4 km, to the feeding center.  What we see as an obstacle, the Lord uses greatly.  The parents did not want their kids walking that far by themselves.  So, the parents started going with the kids.  Now, this project that started with 5 kids and 1 adult has grown to have 60 kids and 25 adults on the day we were there.  The missionary we work with down there has now planted 5 churches and trained up 5 national pastors to lead them.

It was a great reminder to me how we can look at obstacles and inefficiencies, but the Lord sees opportunities.  We can look from our Americanized perspectives, but the Lord sees the heart of the people and how to reach them. I’m sure glad He is in control and not me.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

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