Nicaragua Bound

Quick update on where in the world is Ryan.  Next week I have the privilege of taking a group down to Nicaragua to visit our projects and help partner them with one of them.  I’m really looking forward to the trip.  This is a great example of what we do.

We have a project with a missionary there that we fund every month, but we do not have a partner here in the States to help us financially support it.  This church has a heart to adopt a project and partner with us to personally engage a work long term.  We are taking them down to look at the project, meet the missionary on the ground, and see the vision going forward.  They want to then adopt this project and partner with MANNA to help operate it.  After we get back we are planning a church wide trip for them so that their people can personally engage the work.

Going forward, we will be able to help them organize trips each year to visit and be a part of the lives of the kids they are partnered with, serve the communities, and help spread the Gospel.  It is a beautiful thing to watch when all parts of the body come together for the same purpose.

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