It has been an interesting couple of months for our family. We were in Colombia in June and July helping get a new project started in Bogota. It was an amazing trip. We were working with the Hudgins family and Ali Alexander. We got to canvas the neighborhood handing out invitations. We put on what we called Discovery Week, which was a big Vacation Bible School for kids in the area. The kids learned the Bible each day, and we also had special activities for them. They learned Origami, some English, and had puppet shows. We were able to send the kids home with food as well.

These kids were then invited to attend the tutoring project MANNA is starting in Bogota. It is exciting to see the kids coming to the project. But, what is even more exciting is some of these kids and their parents have begun coming to church as a result!

We were able to celebrate the 4th of July in Colombia as well. July 20th is their independence day, so there were plenty of opportunities to buy fireworks. I had not realized how much time my daughters have spent overseas in the summers. They were so excited and told me it was the first time they had ever gotten to light fireworks on the 4th! I guess better late than never. Another treat that day was we were able to have an all American praise team at church that morning. Ali played the keyboard, Kristi played the guitar, I played the bass, Kayli played they violin and Kim and Reaghan sang while Scott ran the soundboard. It was an opportunity for the normal praise team to have a day off and just get to worship at church. It also helped stretch us as Kim and Reaghan don’t spend a ton of time singing in Spanish. LOL. But, they did great.

We made it home and got our girls ready to start another school year. It is hard to believe we have a Junior and a Senior this year. Where has the time gone?? Then, apparently Kim and I decided it had been too long since we had COVID the first time, so we got it again and both got pneumonia. It has been a long 3 weeks for us. We both ended up on oxygen, lots of breathing treatments and medicine. Had it not been for someone getting us an oxygen concentrator machine, we would have both ended up in the hospital. We had great doctors and a lot of great friends that brought us food and sent us supplies that has enabled us to recover at home. We are not back to 100%, but definitely on the mend. I had better recovery quickly because I head to Kenya, two weeks from today.

We appreciate your prayers and support and how you enable us to serve those around the world. Here are some pictures of Colombia for you.

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