Thank you for your prayers and continued support. I wanted to give you an update on the past couple of months for our family. I pray you each had a great Christmas and 2021 is starting off well. With the help of some generous donors, we were able to send money to help with Christmas activities and gifts for kids in The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. It is hard not being overseas, but thankfully we can still help and supply the need. We were also able to help with flooding in Cambodia and Mongolia thanks to your support.

MANNA has been using this time to invest in infrastructure. We are building our new offices on land that we have owned for years. Since I have not been able to travel overseas, I have spent my time helping construct the building. We’ve been doing framing, sheathing, dirt work, building a retaining wall, and even cutting down a massive pecan tree for a neighbor. I must say, working at the end of an 85 foot lift bucket can be a bit exciting. The Lord is helping me get over my dislike of heights I think! This is allowing MANNA to save a lot of money on construction costs and steward resources.

Kim and I, along with some good friends, have continued to work with a local food bank to help deliver food to families each month. It has been a blessing to us to get to see the impact the food has on these families and connect with them. Delivering turkeys to them for Christmas was a definite highlight in December. I have found in life to be faithful where the Lord has you. We long to be overseas, but until the doors open for us to travel, the Lord is using us here, both in our community, and through the building process.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Here are some pictures of our work.

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