I made it home from the Philippines.  My flight landed 3 hours before Kayli’s gymnastics competition, so I got to watch her compete before I went into my jet lag coma.  Ha!

We had a great trip.  We got to help school districts come and pick up books for their schools.  A church in North Texas was able to collect and ship over 60,000 books that were too old for the ISDs in our area.  One of the teachers stood on the pile of books and told everyone how this was life changing for her schools!  An obstacle for ISDs in our area became and opportunity for schools in the Philippines thanks to the forward thinking from a church in our area.

We were able to visit a feeding center and help feed the kids and love on them.  We also visited MANNA’s new orphanage and meet with the architect as renovations are underway.  We also were part of a very unique and first for MANNA.  We had conferences in Manila and Cebu with pastors in both areas.  We presented MANNA and the pastors of these churches are now committed to supporting MANNA and helping us start more projects around the world!  Very cool! Here are some pictures from the trip:

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