We finished our most challenging trip of the summer from a transportation standpoint.  We had an amazing team join us in Mongolia.  The church that supports our feeding centers in the Gobi Desert knitted blankets for the children and were able to send them with this team.  We drove 8 hours into the desert and had an amazing time.  We were able to feed the kids, do a craft with them, hand them blankets and go to church with the community.  We even found ourselves in multiple volleyball matches with the villagers.

We then traveled back to Ulaanbaatar and were able to spend time at our orphanage and an anti-abortion clinic.  We then flew to up north and spent time with one of the missionaries we partner with in Hatgal.  We were able to go to church and see the ministry he has in that part of Mongolia.  I even got to run into some friends that graduated high school with my father and uncle.  You never know whom you will see on a mission trip.

There were a lot adventures on the trip.  As we drove through the Gobi, we stopped by a family that was herding goats.  We gave them a Mongolian Bible on an MP3 player and got to spend time with them.  We slept in yurts (they call them gers), and came in contact with camels, yaks, and reindeer.  In some places we had to take showers using a washcloth and a sink, in others we had no running water.  Our restroom was an outhouse sometimes and the desert in other times. Regardless, I can’t wait to go back to Mongolia again.

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