I always pray about what to share.  You can never share all of the details of a trip.  I also know everyone’s time is valuable.  But, there is too much to share.  The team we took to Cambodia was amazing.  The results of the trip are indescribable, and the events around it all are crazy.  Thank you for your prayers and support, we could not do it without you. First, I will share the main story, then the back-story on how your prayers opened doors.

We had a team of medical professionals in Cambodia. Each person on this trip contributed in amazing ways.  The Lord knew exactly who we needed on the team Over the course of the trip we were able to help close to 900 patients.  We also had the privilege of leading over 150 people to the Lord!  Unbelievable!  We worked in a mission hospital, in remote feeding centers, in a government hospital, and even in a Buddhist Temple. The Buddhist leaders said they knew we were Christians and were willing to allow us to share the Gospel, at their temple, in exchange for a medical clinic.  Talk about a crazy opportunity.  It is the first time I have preached from the steps of a Buddhist Temple.  What was the fruit of that opportunity?  We had a man with severe cancer who only had a few months to live get to hear the Gospel and ask Christ to save his soul!  It was well worth it.

We had the privilege of working with two of the ladies MANNA sponsored to go to nursing school. It was such a joy to be able to work with them and see them use the talents and education. They kept telling us how grateful they were for MANNA and the opportunity.  Kim used her Physical Therapy training to work on several dozen patients. I love watching her in action and getting to use the talents the Lord has given her.  After working at the government hospital, we saw 51 patients receive Christ, and the head of the medical district for the region was so grateful, he offered to help eliminate any red tape for us to bring in equipment for future work!  That is favor!  Lives were truly changed on this trip, both in those we served and the team that came to serve.

Now, for the back-story.  I can always tell how impactful a trip is going to be by how many roadblocks and obstructions that happen.  Several years ago, our youngest daughter ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung leading up to our trip, she was discharged literally the day before we left.  Last summer, our car died just before the trip, I barely made it home that day.  We had to figure out how to get around for about 10 days before leaving the country for 2 months.  This trip was no different.  The night before the trip our washing machine quit working and the toilet broke.  While we were gone, the internet went out and our vacuum quit working. LOL!  Fortunately, my mom is a trooper and was able to take care of our girls in the middle of it all.  Even our team was affected. 2/3 of our team came down with intestinal issues, and one person had to get IV fluids, on the bus no less.  But, the Lord is good, and through it all, everyone is well and over 150 people now know Him as their Savior.  We don’t often publicize the crazy things that happen, but sometimes it is good to let everyone know how grateful we are for your prayers.  Your prayers for our teams and us have a greater impact than you know. You may not know all of the interesting things happening when you are praying, but they are.  Here are some pictures of the trip and the fruit of your prayers.

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