We had an amazing week in Guatemala.  We had almost 40 people in this group and they were great.  We took them by some Mayan ruins so that they could learn the history of the region.  Kayli and Reaghan even got to do some impromptu gymnastics lessons with some Mayan kids at the ruins.  That was a first! Then, we were able to do lice treatments, feet washing, Bible songs and lessons, feed kids, and deliver water filters and food to villagers in a Mayan Village.  We visited a new project on the coast and worked with the kids and made additional home visits.  On another day we helped work on a new church building, feed kids, help build a house, and provided additional water filters and food baskets for families.  On Sunday, we went to church with the orphans and then took them to the zoo and served them dinner.  It was awesome seeing the impact the Lord had in the lives of the people that came and those we came to serve. 

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