After I dropped the team off at the airport in Bangkok, I boarded a plane to Tokyo.  I had a wonderful trip to Japan and I was blessed to spend time with some great people.  I was able to meet a friend of mine from South Carolina who flew in to visit our project in Karuizawa, along with Bruce O’Neal.  While in Japan we were able to attend several church services in Tokyo and meet some incredible people.  We spent our time with Lavern Rodgers, who is the longest serving missionary with the BBFI.  He has been in Japan for 67 years!  It was great to just listen to him tell stories of the years of ministry in Japan.

While we were in the morning church service we were made aware that the great granddaughter of Saigō Takamori, the Last Samurai, was in attendance.  Obviously Hollywood took some cinematic liberties when they produced the movie, but it is based around him. You just never know who you are going to meet on a mission trip, or anywhere in life.  Or, what you will do.  In between hearing stories from Lavern, and visiting the youth camp that MANNA supports, I got to knock down a hornets nest from the top of the 3rd story of his house.  It was the size of a watermelon! Here are some pictures from our stay there.

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