We finished out our trip to Asia by spending time at one of our projects in southern Thailand with a great church from Ohio.  Part of the group worked with the kids each day to help with teaching and lead games and activities.  The other part of our group worked to build a concrete walkway between two of the buildings.  We were able to visit families one night in the village to do a Bible Study outreach.  It was a real blessing to meet these people in their homes.  The Community Development Center project we are partnered with helps teach 220 children during the day and takes care of 60 more with an afternoon program.  MANNA is partnered with them to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner at the center so that the children are able to eat.  If they did not have the opportunity to eat, they would not be able to go to school.  This school provides an education to children from Burmese families that are not able to go to the public schools in Thailand.  Without the school, these children would have no access to education.

On the last day with the children, we provided an ice cream party for them and we washed their feet and gave them new shoes.  It was such a blessing to be a part of.

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