You may remember from two years ago the story I posted about a boy with no known language.  The picture above is of him on my shoulders when I was in Mae Sot in 2014.  He came to the orphanage from a remote area of Burma and nobody knew what language he spoke.  He didn’t understand Burmese or Thai and it was difficult to find a way to communicate with him.  As Paul Harvey would say, here is the rest of the story.

Today he is speaking and thriving in his new environment.  The children at the school love him and he is really doing great.  It was wonderful to see him again. Here is a video of him playing catch with a football with our group.  I know the Lord has great plans for him.  We now know that his name is Paulus.  I love to get to watch kids like this grow over time and see their stories unfold.

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