2016 has started off very well.  Thank you for your support.  My Bradford Pear tree in the front yard is already blooming and it looks like spring is already upon us.  As spring begins to break, the sprint is about to begin.

In one week from now I will be traveling to Florida and we will be presenting in 8 churches in 5 states.  As soon as we finish the last church, we will head to Asia for nearly 7 weeks to help lead teams.   Then, come back a week to repack and take a team to Nicaragua.

My daughter was asking why we visit so many churches.  I told her it is because we need to raise support for places like Vietnam, Thailand and North Korea to help sustain our feeding programs and orphanages.  Otherwise we cannot buy the food that we need to feed the kids.

She looked at me and said, “I have $30 in my room if you need it.”  Wow!  The heart of a child.  It blows me away, and humbles me all the time.

Thank you for supporting our family. It is an honor to walk with you in this endeavor the Lord has placed before us.

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