We had a great trip with a wonderful church in Guatemala just before Thanksgiving.  It was a blessing to me, and I know it was a blessing to those in Guatemala.  We were able to visit multiple projects, and perform 8 home visits where we delivered food to a family in need and shared the Gospel with them. We were able to see around 10 people get saved during the week!  On one of the visits we went to a family that had 3 children with muscular dystrophy.  And, they had lost a son to MD recently.  The food was a great blessing to them, but the greater blessing was when 2 of the family members came to trust the Lord with their salvation.

We had a special Thanksgiving dinner with the orphans at our orphanage also.  They had never celebrated Thanksgiving since it is an American holiday, so we treated them to a great meal. They asked if we could all eat with them and pass the food like they had seen in the movies.  How touching!  The things we take for granted.

The final two days were spent in a Mayan village performing a Vacation Bible School and a lice and foot washing outreach.  We had a Christian clown as part of the event and it was a great way to reach the children and the parents that came. We are excited for the church to have their first ever service on Christmas Eve this year.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

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