Wow, what an amazing realization we had when we did a water filter outreach.  We did it though the local church that had been planted in the village by the missionary we work with.  I was at the village earlier this year, and it is sad to see how many buildings have been destroyed.  However, there is hope amongst the despair.  We went to the homes of villagers and gave them water filters that will last their family for 10 years.  Through a translator, we were able to demonstrate how they worked.  This is opening the door for the missionary to reach them with the Gospel.

While we were distributing filters we came across a woman at a hand dug well.  She was filtering her water through an old rag into a bucket.  We began to interact with the woman and gave her a bucket, along with a demonstration on how it worked.  She was in disbelief to see us take the dirty water, filter it, then drink it.  These filters really are a huge outreach opportunity.  While, this encounter was not nearly the same magnitude as Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, it was awesome to be able to love on her, and her village.

Out of this earthquake, a feeding ministry has been birthed.  We are excited to announce the beginnings of a feeding program to help serve and reach the people in Nepal.  We were able to visit the kids and see the place were they meet.  A structure was made out of the materials from a shelter like the ones we helped raise money for.

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