I’m very excited to announce that MANNA’s Mango Tree Coffee has officially launched. We are now roasting and selling our own line of coffee to support our projects. Every 2 bags of coffee you buy will feed a child for 2 weeks! This is going to have a huge impact on helping us expand what we are doing and care for more children. I have personally purchased and drank some of the coffee and I was thoroughly impressed.

Here is a video from our roaster describing the coffee and the impact it will have:

Here is where you can order your coffee, shipped directly to your door:

So, in honor of our new coffee, I give you the top 10 ways you can help promote Mango Tree Coffee. FYI, the top 5 are actually serious.

10. Cover the beans in chocolate and hand them out at VBS to the kids this summer, just before you send them home.
9. Brew someone a cup of coffee, then say April Fool’s after they take the first sip.
8. Replace the potpourri with coffee beans and see what reaction you get.
7. Try to pass them off as breath mints.
6. Take a dark roast, grind it up, and replace the pepper in the pepper shaker.
5. Tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter about Mango Tree Coffee.
4. Buy a bag of coffee for your friends and tell them how they can help feed children with Mango Tree Coffee.
3. Have your business start serving and promoting Mango Tree Coffee to the employees.
2. Have your church start purchasing and selling Mango Tree Coffee for its coffee ministry.
1. Make the switch and start buying Mango Tree Coffee for yourself.

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