It was a great week in Panama with the team from Lubbock Baptist Temple. The group was a tremendous pleasure to be with and we were able to get a lot done.  We visited MANNA’s nutrition center in Dolega, and several centers in David, Panama.  The bulk of the week was spent working at the orphanage in David.  We were able to tile a bathroom, put the ceiling in several rooms, move kids into a new room, assemble desks and work centers for the kids’ schooling, fix a swing set, repair plumbing and storage tanks, and love on a lot of kids.

On Sunday we were able to attend church in David and one of the group participants who is a pastor of a Spanish congregation in Tyler got to preach.  There were several people that accepted Christ and one person was baptized.  It was a great trip in so many ways.  I’m excited we were able to be used in these ways and look forward to going back again.  It has been neat to watch the kids in Panama grow up the past few years.

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