It is hard to even tell all that happened in Burma. We had so much favor. To even access this area of Burma we had to have a government official go with us for the entire trip. Everyone points and stares at us. One lady dropped a box and stared at us when she saw us walking up. The government heard we were coming, so they recently built a road to the Upper Village so that we didn’t have to do the 2.5 hour hike up the mountain. One day we were not allowed to go up because the military was concerned for our safety due to the war going on. However, after our official met wit the local police and military they determined it was safe for us to proceed. They told us that foreigners were normally not allowed to go to the village, but because we are teaching the Word of God and built a school, then they wanted to allow us.

The people wouldn’t let us help work on the water tank as we had planned. They said they wanted to build it if we would teach their people the Bible. Wow! So we taught the Bible while some men built the tank. In the Lower Village we started playing soccer with the kids. Little did we know the impact it would have on the village.  The people don’t play with their kids and others neglect their kids.  They could not understand people from another country coming to play with their kids and love on them for no reason.  We were told that Asian pastors don’t play with the kids, but we did.  The villagers noticed it and it may have been the biggest impact of the trip.  They saw that we came and loved on them because Christ loved us first.  It was the first time they had seen the Gospel lived out in front of them and they were different because of it.  They started looking at things differently.

More people turned out for the evening service than any other time.  They were all impacted by how we engaged and loved on their kids. The things we take for granted are amazing.  Just loving on a kid is so foreign to them. The importance of training up a child and teaching them is foreign to them. It seemed like they saw a difference and how it is real.  Our tour guide is a Buddhist and he told a person in the group today that he now believes there is a God.  His wife is a Christian, but he has not become one.  I think we have had a tremendous impact on his life.  The restaurant has been impacted by our presence even.  They enjoy us coming.  Everyone is amazed that these white skinned people from half way around the world are here in their village.  It doesn’t make sense to anyone.

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