I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. We were tremendously blessed in 2014 from your prayers and support. We are looking forward to 2015. In keeping with the new year theme, we have a new website for our family. This will allow people to keep up with us all of the time. My updates will be there, along with pictures, videos, etc.


To finish out 2014, one of the coolest things happened on Christmas Day. My nephew came to me that morning and gave me a $100 bill. He said that he had asked Santa Claus for money to give to missions. That morning he had $100 in his stocking and he was very excited to bring it to me and give it to us. What a humble blessing for us. I’m in the process of raising money to take a 5 week trip to visit our projects in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is really neat to know that his money was the first given to go towards the trip.

Please be praying in advance for the trip, we will be building a water tank and delivering water to some homes in a village in Myanmar where we just built a school that is set to open this spring, taking a team to Nepal to look at helping expand the work there, and meeting with missionaries in 6 countries.

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