We arrived back home late last night and I am repacking today to head to Budapest tomorrow.  Words cannot describe how amazing our trip was to Thailand.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

We got to see kids who had grown up in our project as refugee children now become teachers in that same school.  We got to take clean water to a community that had never had it before.  Kim got to use her physical therapy training to help a boy that could barely walk regain his range of motion. We got to go to church and worship the same God in multiple languages.

I have posted many pictures and stories from throughout our trip on Facebook.  If you are not on Facebook, I will be working on a video when I get back from Romania in July.  For now, click the button below for a short video I took of us singing with the kids to give you an idea of who we are ministering to.

After the song we did a skit of Jonah and the whale. They asked me to be the whale. Not sure if I should be honored or offended. LOL

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